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"Experience the tension in the negotiating cell as the heavily armed, psychopathic criminals take refuge in a house with a frail pensioner and his child grand-daughter as hostages." - How can the safe release of the hostages be achieved? - How can the business deal be closed?


Whatever business sector you work in, you will always have to make decisions.

That decision-making process often involves negotiation or conflict resolution to ensure that you make the best assessment for your business or organisation.

Trust Negotiation is a specialist consultancy that delivers unique learning opportunities in the hostile business environment of negotiation, workplace violence and conflict resolution.

Experienced consultants deliver presentations using real-life scenarios to help audience members identify decision-making situations in their own fields.

By identifying the key ground-rules of negotiation and explaining how these fundamentals should be applied in your own work situation, audience members leave better equipped to make decisions in a hostile business environment.

So whether you're in sales, marketing, finance, the legal profession or the public sector, you will benefit by applying what you have learned from Trust Negotiation's seminars, to your own situation.

Trust Negotiation also offer specific training in dealing with difficult situations including violence in the workplace and managing aggressive behaviour.